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Region 19 FLASH Event

As the chair for our weekend event in Region 19, working with NLSC was quite a pleasure. Both are very organized and efficient, and they both responded very quickly to any inquiries. Both of them are very engaging and personable, as well as extremely knowledgeable. We've received rave reviews from our attendees about the classes led by both Connie and Lindsay, and they loved how they both jumped right into the theme for the evening for our show! I highly recommend NLSC for your next regional event! - Sarah Nainan-Newhard, Region 19 FLASH Event Chair

Connie coached my chorus and this will stay with me personally forever 💓 - Nancy Burns, Shades of Harmony Chorus

The connection between Lindsay and Connie is a palpable energy! - Anita McLarin, Valley Forge Chorus

NLSC shared so many tools for our toolbox in just one weekend! My quartet has now incorporated both the vocal warm ups and the Grunt Work into our rehearsals. Both of these techniques provide focus to our rehearsals. We appreciate how readily NLSC shares their formulas for success. - Sarah Nainan-Newhard, Sound Design quartet, 2022 Region 19 Quartet Champions

Lindsay and Connie are knowledgeable, friendly, and fun! They're great communicators, and they have a knack for engaging the audience/learners in the conversation to enhance their learning. It was wonderful having them in for our regional school! - Jenny Harris, Lustre, 2018 Sweet Adelines Quartet Champions and director, Arundelair Chorus

Both Connie and Lindsay were informative and engaging! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them! - Wendy Alexander, Shades of Harmony, Voices Carry Quartet

Connie and Lindsay make a great team. They provided lots of helpful techniques to use both in personal practice and with the chorus. - Karen, Shades of Harmony Chorus

Well worth the effort and expense, we all need this to keep our batteries recharged! - Mickey Mears, Shades of Harmony

Connie & Lindsay did an excellent job of communicating in a way that reached all levels of singers in our region and they did so with grace, wisdom and humor. What a great weekend! - Jennifer Newman, Sound Design quartet, 2022 Region 19 Quartet Champions

Lindsay, Sharing your personal experiences as a Director, both positive and negative, added credibility to your presentation. Your humor made each presentation fun and enjoyable! Thank you! - Deb Ozeck, Lehigh Valley Chorus

This was a wonderful weekend with Connie and Lindsay. They are knowledgeable, willing to share, funny, approachable and a great team! - Dottie Keefer

Connie and Lindsay are two very delightful and energetic women who not only knew their subject matter but presented very well together, and who clearly verbally communicated their message and demonstrated the concepts as well for us visual learners! - Donna Ruokonen, Arundelair Chorus

Both Connie and Lindsay were wonderful. They conducted wonderful classes but beyond that were super personal and involved in every aspect of our event. They were open and willing to answer questions and offer suggestions on many levels. - Irene Hershey, Vocal Harmonix Chorus

Connie and Lindsay are wonderful presenters both individually and as a team. The variety of classes available to include in our educational weekend allowed us to build an event that attracted members seeking knowledge in many areas. Rehearsal techniques, vocal skills, visual communication, leadership and membership classes filled the weekend. Both of them are extremely approachable and were available to the membership at all times. - Lori Jo Whitehaus, Education Coordinator, Region 19

Connie and Lindsay were our faculty at a recent SAI regional educational weekend and they *nailed it!*. They freely shared their knowledge of excellent barbershop skills, while keeping the sessions fun and open for questions and comments. Hope to have them coach us again! - Sue Carter, Vocal Harmonix Chorus, JewelTones Quartet

Lindsay cuts to the chase and her style of coaching resonated very well with my quartet. Her years of experience and training enable her to instantly assess how to improve the musical product. She coaches with kindness, humour, understanding and is able to demonstrate exactly what is needed for the best possible outcome. Lindsay is a down to earth kind of person and puts people at ease very quickly. She is also very forthright and expects the excellence that she believes is possible from each singer. I thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and we have already set up our next coaching session. Can't wait! :-)

Mary Teed

Heads Up! quartet

Region 26

We invited Lindsay to coach us in preparation for an upcoming International performance package. We knew she would be an experienced and creative person to help us finalize our plan. She was all that, and more! Lindsay was brilliant with polishing the ebb and flow of our scripting and throughout all of that, she also coached our singing skills and made it feel almost effortless! All four categories improved during her coaching. Lindsay's sense of humour and direct approach was refreshing and delightful. The weekend flew by and she left us exhilarated and wanting more!

Mary Teed

Alberta Northern Lights Chorus

Region 26

Q was truly blessed this past weekend to work with, learn from, and enjoy being with NLSC. Connie and Lindsay are accomplished, informed coaches who love the process and exude enthusiasm and encouragement.

We worked hard, played hard, and loved every moment of our time with them. You will too!!! Don’t hesitate. Get them on your coaching calendar!

Q quartet

2022 Region 25 3rd place quartet

(Feeback posted on Facebook)

Connie facilitated a sharing and goal setting session with our chorus and it was fabulous! Connie has a knack for creating a safe space and we got so much accomplished because everyone felt 'heard'! I also appreciated Connie for spending time with our leadership afterwards, so we could refine our dreams, and make plans for reaching our goals! We've already booked Connie and Lindsay to come back as a team early next year.

Kelly Causey

Director, Top of the Rock Chorus

Little Rock, AR

Top of the Rock had a goal session with Connie and it was fabulous! The chorus was able to open up and express feelings which every chorus needs sometimes. After the chorus session, Connie met with the Management Team and Director's Team and discussed the conversations that were held with the entire chorus. What did we want moving forward? Connie helped us take the ideas from the chorus session and bring them to a feasible working goal for TOTR! It was a great session and the leadership skills of Connie were wonderful! She kept the conversation moving and included everyone! It was a great day!

Brenda Craft

Top of the Rock Chorus

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